Power Point Of Sales

Power Point of Sales (Power POS –Windows edition) is a new generation of retail sales management software for Windows. It is a complete solution, beginning with taking orders from customers, and ending with billing and tax reports. The user interface is carefully optimized for high speed input of a customer's order and the prevention of common mistakes. It's designed for use on multiple computers, and contains reliable and secure authorization levels.

The layouts of the customer bill can be customized, and the program can be set up for any currencies, taxes, and gratuities. Payments can be accepted by cash, credit cards, or cheques.

For managers, there is a rich set of reports that shows a complete picture of your shop operations and life cycles: menu consumption, reservation frequency, and hours of high restaurant load, busiest tables, most active employees, payment methods, and automatic tax calculations.

By standardizing the entire retail sales management process, the software radically improves serving speed.
It's easy to install and easy to use. Very affordable licensing allows this software to be used in any environment from small family-owned retail outlets to large chains.

Note: Serial and kitchen matrix printers, poles (line and graphic displays) and cash drawers are fully supported!

Fully integrated with your back office accounting package

Power POS provide you with a full fledge integration with your back office accounting package, saving you the rigor of voluminous data entry task in preparing your financials.

With a readymade sale, stock and purchase journal to Power Enterprise Accounting with a customizable data import to any other accounting package in a specified format.

No printer restriction

Works with all printers, cash drawers and poles (line displays) using 3 alternative methods:

  • OPOS drivers (OPOS drivers are supported by all major hardware producers: IBM, EPSON, SAMSUNG and Star Micronics and others).
  • Windows drivers.
  • Sending direct commands via COM ports


Enhanced security and anti-fraud protection

  • Possibility to choose different color themes, gradient buttons and panels.
  • Full-featured virtual keyboard to work with touch screens.
  • 4 different kinds of views for menu items and categories: buttons, icons, list and details.


Flexible End of Day process

  • Enter Begin Cash (with media count dialog).
  • Reconcile Cash Drawer operation. It's possible to count not only cash, but also Cheques and other media. It's also possible to reconcile cash drawer several times during a shift.
  • End of Day process with possibilities to backup data and export daily data to third-party inventory software.
  • Cash Drawer and Closing reports.


Support for multiple Shifts

  • Worker's Clock In and Clock Out.
  • Different options, for example, automatically clock in/clock out on login/logoff.
  • Quick login using Employee Swipe Card or Employee Barcode Card.
  • Workers time report.


Support multiple costing methods on your Inventory

  • Weighted Average, LIFO, standard, expected and FIFO inventory calculation methods.
  • Composite menu items with ingredients.
  • Physical inventory adjustment

    Easy Purchasing

    • Purchase orders.
    • Receive vouchers.
    • Return vouchers.

    Network enabled

    • It's possible to define different network structures, for example, two computers for entering orders, one computer for cashier and one computer for kitchen.
    • Reconcile cash drawer command will close individually each cash drawer and End of Day process will close all reconciled workstations.

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