Power HMO

Power HMO is a software that manages the health processes in relation to Patients, Hospitals, Companies and Third party agents. It integrates all processes right from Bidding, Prospect Conversion to Client, Enrolments, capitation to claims, authorisations and so on.
It also integrates seamlessly with your back office accounting processes such as preparation of debit notes, generation of claims documents e.t.c.

HMO Module Feature

Multi Company

Allows you to create unlimited number of company

Multi Division/Department

Allows you to create unlimited number of division/department

Multi User

Allows you to create unlimited number of users

Access Permission

Access permission rights can be allocated to users

Unlimited No Of Enrolees

Allows you to create unlimited number of enrolees


Extensive range of reports are created as standard

Audit Log

The audit log records all key field changes made throughout on the system detailed up to transactions level.

Approval Driven

Transaction records undergo approvals to complete transaction

E-mail Facility

Ability to send mails

Text Messaging

Ability to send text message


It can be customised to suit your operations

Account Integration

Integrates seamlessly with your accounts


Specific Feature


Capturing of unlimited number of customers, debit notes and renewal subscription.


Capturing of unlimited number of hospitals, setup of capitated hospitals or not with plans.


Capturing of unlimited number of enrolees in respect to hospitals, plans and benefits.


Monthly generation of capitation for hospitals in respect to enrolees.


Generation of claims document for hospitals in terms of diagnosis, treatment and verification of tariffs.


Structured coding of authorisation number and confirmation of authorisation code.


Capturing of all enrolee visits to hospital


Capturing of enrolee on admission either in-patient or out-patient

Other Notable Features

  1. Capturing of discounts/commission for brokers.
  2. Generation of reports such as policy documents, subscription notice, renewal notice, debit notes e.t.c.
  3. Prompts for expiration of schemes.
  4. Upload of enrolees per client.
  5. Capitation list to hospitals.
  6. Claims document to hospitals.
  7. Activation/deactivation of enrolees.
  8. Prompts for over-aged enrolees.
  9. Capturing of enrolee images.
  10. Production of ID cards.
  11. Reports on diagnosis, drug tariffs and benefits.
  12. Upload of data using OCR scanner.
  13. Export of reports in excel, word and PDF formats.
  14. Seamlessly posting to your account features.


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Who We Service

  • Eateries
  • Construction Companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Insurance Company
  • Real Estate
  • Audit firms
  • Fleet Management
  • Hotels / Restaurants
  • Schools and more.


Mission Statement

  • Provision of Reliable and Efficient business management Solution that meet best practice internationally with recognition for local requirement at a budget price..


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