Power Employee Manager (PEM) offers a full fledge Payroll and Human Resources Management solution to assist with the Administration and Management of all aspects of employee life cycle and save hours on tedious record keeping, focusing on the important and strategic issues on which an organization depends.

PEM comes with the HR Module and the Payroll Module. It provides features for maintaining the organizational structure, employee’s personal information, position and jobs, Training required and attended, lateness and absenteeism tracking,  advances and a host of other features with the Payroll Module to manage employee Loan, Tax (Nigeria Standard or Organization Way), payments, Statutory deductions (Pension, Tax, ITF, NHF etc) and any other forms of deductions. Any important information like when to proceed on leave, leave history, etc, is captured in real time, thus reducing information retrieval time. The System also supports Leave schedule.

It provides full data security and detail audit trails up to transaction level.

Financial Features

Payments & Deductions

Create unlimited number of Payments and Deductions

Payee (Tax)

Allow for Automated tax computation (Standard tax Table),Rate per category, with complex legislation built in and Manual Tax Computation

End of Year Bonus

Automated end of year bonus payment based on the date of appointment (Apportionment is done where necessary)

Year To Date Calculation

Year to Date calculation of Pension, Tax, Union dues and all other pay emoluments

End Of Month/End of Year Processing

Simple to run end of month and end of year processing


Automated, with deductions calculated in accordance with the Company policy on loan repayments with the option of interest

Graded/Ungraded Salary Structure

Allow managing of graded and ungraded salary structure

Leave Allowance

Process Leave Allowance on payroll or off payroll based on average earnings or an accrued amount

Payroll History

Transaction  and payslip histories are kept

Account Integration

Integrates the Nominal Ledger with real-time or batch update and transfer if the Account Software supports third-party integration

General Process

Perform global updates of rates and values across the Payroll

The Human Resources Module


Attach multiple files (e.g. spreadsheet, Word document) to an employee record and the picture

Excel Integration

Import information directly into Microsoft Excel

Employee Record

Streamlines the creation of employee records as it applies employee characteristics that can be assigned to a Group of employees or to an individual employee

Context Sensitive Help

Comprehensive and easy to use Help facilities


Personnel can be customized to suit the specific requirements of your business

Comprehensive Reporting

An extensive range of reports are provided as standard

Employee Diary

Records sickness, holiday, maternity, compassionate leave, absence and training, in days, hours and minutes, for each employee

Additional Tools

Intuitive data merge; benefit alignment and data archive routines are included. Data from previous years may be retained as required and reported on

Audit Log

The audit log records all key field changes made throughout the system up to transactions level


Budgeting/Forecasting of Companies expected expenditure can be tracked

Employee History

Information regarding each employee records, transactions including job and salary changes  whether active or not is been kept


Superior/ Junior officers Appraisal can be done on the system